6 tips for selecting your secure document destruction provider

Ecoshred (www.echoshreduk.com) provide secure and confidential waste disposal services throughout the Manchester area and across North West England. Here we discuss out top tips for selecting a document destruction provider.

1. Security:

It all starts here. What certifications do they have? Are they ISO certified and UKAS accredited, how long have they been certified? What is the shred size – do they meet standards or exceed them? What bins or types of containers are they offering? How are those containers secured – key locks? Your secure documents don’t have to leave your building to be stolen – it can happen right on site.

2. Service:

This isn’t just about a schedule or response time – it goes a lot deeper. Are they offering stealth service; nobody is disturbed during the visit, the bin is never overflowing, you have no need to manage the process. Is the driver: well dressed, proper visible identification, smiling, well mannered, happy to be servicing you, responsive to your immediate needs. When you call the office: do you get a live friendly person or do you get voice mail or some complicated phone tree/ automated answering system? If you have questions on an invoice do you get directly transferred to some angry person in accounting or do you have the extreme pleasure of getting a voice mail or once again some complicated phone tree/ automated answering system.

3. Partner:

Is the supplier continually trying to reduce your cost, increase your security and be your consultant to help you develop secure procedures? If the last time you saw your sales person or talked to them was 12 months ago when they gave you a “great price” you should seriously look for a new supplier.

4. Green:

What is their environmental statement? Where does the paper go? Many companies only offer mobile shredding services. That means the truck is idling out in your parking lot burning fossil fuels while they tell you they are saving the environment. Great suppliers like Ecoshred have a plan and are proud of their controlled and contained carbon foot print.

5. Socially Conscious:

The great companies keep close tabs on where they spend their money. CEOs are interested in triple bottom line results. What is the perceived character of your supplier or better yet what is their public persona. Who do you want to be associated with and is it important to your brand? A lot of times decisions on a paper shredding supplier is made at a very low level and the purchaser is confidently proud of the pennies they saved while they ignore the enormous potential social exposure associated with selecting a local company that is giving back to the community.

6. Price:

If you are only buying on price and your desire is to torture every supplier until you feel you got the best deal – go back and read the first 5 tips. The lowest cost supplier isn’t always the best supplier.

So when it comes to sensitive, confidential and potentially harmful documents and data, leave nothing to chance. If you’re a business in the Manchester or North West area, it’s well worth finding out how ecoshred’s waste disposal services can destroy your documents safely and securely. And it’s not just paper shredding they offer – they can destroy your data discs too.

Find out more at www.echoshreduk.com, or call freephone 0800 612 9595.


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