How do we do it?

Once your secure paper shredding service programme is in place, ecoshred can provide you with a range of storage bins, lockable consoles and sack to suit your needs and store your paper waste until it is scheduled to be destroyed.

Our security screened ecoshred reps arrive at a pre determined time to remove your confidential materials for paper shredding . Our mobile ecoshred shredding trucks have secure locked access and contain state of the art paper shredding machines specifically designed to shred your documents into confetti sized pieces so they can never be reconstructed.

Or, choose our One-Off paper shredding option. If you have large volumes of materials to destroy or have an ‘urgent need’ for paper shredding services, ecoshred can come to you and shred your confidential paper waste on site.

Ecoshred has full ISO registration 14001 and is 9001 ukas accredited for their document shredding collection service.

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How do we do it?