UK Businesses: The Importance of Protecting Confidential Data

UK businesses are being warned to pay attention to data protection as when the economy goes down, the number of security risks to a company traditionally goes up.

If your business is unfortunate enough to suffer a security breach you not only face a potentially huge fine but the biggest cost comes in the form of irreparable damage to your business’ reputation.

Recent research from the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform reveals that the average total cost of a UK company’s worst security breach can cost between £10,000 and £20,000 with associated costs increasing with the size of the company.

For large businesses (more than 250 staff) it is between £90,000 and £170,000, and for very large businesses (more than 500 staff) security breaches can cost between £1-2 million.

When incidents become known about externally, the survey revealed damage to reputation could cost large businesses between £30,000 and £250,000.

  • 70% of businesses have experienced at least one data breach
  • 79% of businesses make no effort to destroy their confidential data
  • 40% of businesses already throw out confidential waste and do not realise

Protect Your Business Against a Data Security Breach

There are simple steps your business can take to protect against a data security breach.

  • Compliance and keeping updated on legislation and privacy laws are a must.
  • Scrutinize how your business currently dispose of confidential data – Is this carried out securely? Is there room for improvement?

Secure, Cost Effective Document Disposal

Shredded confidential documentsThe only real secure way of disposing of confidential documents is to shred them.

If your business partners with a shredding company it will work with you to come up with not only the most secure solution for your business but the most cost effective.

Confidential, Eco-Friendly Shredding Service

Environmentally friendlyEcoshred provides confidential, eco-friendly shredding services (read about our paper recycling programme) that can be tailored to fit around your business.

We can arrange regular, scheduled or one-off collections and we can provide a mobile, on-site shredding service at times and places to suit.

We are more than happy to help you work out which solution would best suit your business, simply get in touch and we will provide expert advice and a free no obligation quotation.


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  1. Rosa Jackson says:

    Recycling saves energy throughout the production cycle because recycled materials require less processing than raw “virgin” materials.

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