The Green Guide to Confidential Document Shredding in Manchester

The Green Guide to Confidential Document Shredding in Manchester

Confidential shredding is a must for any business. Financial data, customer details, strategic planning documents – all are potentially damaging if they get into the wrong hands. A document shredding service is a great way to ensure your confidential documents are thoroughly destroyed and safely disposed of – and it could be cheaper than you think.

Ecoshred ( provide confidential shredding and waste disposal services across Manchester, Warrington, St Helens, Widnes and Runcorn, and throughout the North West. Not only is their shredding service safe and secure – it’s also environmentally friendly. Here’s why that matters…

Why should I care that my shredding service is environmentally friendly?

Using an eco-friendly paper shredding and recycling service such as Ecoshred is important for a number of reasons. You could use less energy than shredding the documents yourself, which doesn’t just help save the planet – it helps you save money.

What’s more, environmental issues are often of great interest to local media, so using an eco-friendly shredding service such as Ecoshred as part of a bigger CSR initiative could lead to great PR. Just imagine your company being lauded for its ethical credentials in the St Helens Reporter or Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News – a great result, and sure to impress potential customers in your area.

How can you prove that Ecoshred’s shredding service is eco-friendly?

To prove just how energy-efficient Ecoshred’s shredding services are, their clients on a regularly-scheduled service receive an annual Environmental Certificate. This shows the number of trees, landfill, barrels of oil and electricity saved by using Ecoshred’s paper shredding and recycling services.

Ecoshred may be green – but are my confidential documents safe with them?

Absolutely. Ecoshred’s professional operatives feed your confidential documents straight from the sacks or bins (which they’ll supply for you) into their shredding equipment. Document shredding can be carried out on your premises – so there’s no chance of your sensitive data being lost or intercepted – and their personnel are trustworthy, reliable and subject to thorough background checks.

Go green with Ecoshred

So if your business is based in Manchester, Warrington, St Helens, Widnes or Runcorn, the many benefits of Ecoshred’s document shredding service are well worth considering. It’s safe and secure – so your confidential data won’t fall into the wrong hands. It’s convenient – Ecoshred will collect your documents from you, there’s no need to remove staples or paperclips, and they can even destroy folders and CDs. And it’s environmentally friendly – so you’re saving energy, saving the planet and saving money.

Find out more about Ecoshred’s confidential shredding services and green credentials at

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