The Four W’s of Confidential Document Shredding in Manchester

Every business produces confidential documents that must be kept out of the wrong hands, whether it’s customer data, employee details or commercially sensitive information. Security is paramount – which is why a confidential shredding service is essential.

Ecoshred ( provide document shredding services across Manchester and the North West. Here’s their “Four Ws” of waste disposal and document shredding…

1.      Why do I need a confidential shredding service?

Identity theft. Corporate fraud. Leaks to competitors. These are just some of the ways in which your confidential data could be abused should it get into the wrong hands. That’s before we even get to Data Protection breaches – with maximum fines of up to £500,000. Confidential shredding services such as ecoshred help prevent your confidential documents going where they shouldn’t.

2.      Where’s the best place to destroy my confidential documents?

In order to minimise the risk of documents being intercepted, it’s best to keep the distance they travel at a minimum. For example, in the interests of safety and security, ecoshred will come to you to destroy your confidential documents. They can either shred on-site or in their specially-equipped trucks. Either way, your documents will be shredded into confetti-sized pieces before anyone can get their hands on them.

3.      What happens to my documents once they’ve been shredded?

Most shredding services will recycle their shredded paper, but be sure to check – not only will you help the environment, it also looks good for your business from a corporate and social responsibility perspective. As their name suggests, ecoshred are highly conscious of their responsibility to protect the environment. All paper is recycled, and they’ll even provide you with an Environmental Certificate to show exactly how their shredding services help you go green.

4.      Who should I choose to shred my documents?

You might think the most cost-effective way to destroy your documents is by doing it yourself. But this almost certainly isn’t the case. In terms of manpower, your team members would have to take a substantial amount of time out of their day to carry out the shredding. And then there’s the cost of the equipment, power and waste disposal. A shredding service such as ecoshred will have shredding machinery that’s much more powerful than standard office shredders, making the process much quicker – saving you time and money.

So if you’re in the North West, whether you’re looking for a one-off job or a regular shredding service, why not consider ecoshred? You can find out more about ecoshred’s confidential shredding and waste disposal services across Manchester, Warrington and Liverpool at, or by calling 0800 612 9595.

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