Shopping tips that will keep you safe during this festive season.


It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves shopping for the festive season. The risk of identity theft increases up to £300% during the holiday season so it’s imperative that you take steps towards protecting yourself and others whilst still enjoying the Christmas spirit.

It’s all too easy when were shopping, buying presents, and enjoying ourselves in the holidays to forget about the dangers of identity theft and how predators can easily access your personal information to use against you.

Avoid shopping on the busiest holiday shopping days, these days are chaotic and as such many people can find themselves making silly mistakes, like losing credit cards, or leaving personal belongings open. Make sure you have your wits about you and don’t let the Christmas spirit divert your attention away from keeping your belongings secure and safe

2- Beware of individuals who get too close and always be cautious when taking money out of cash machines. It’s all too easy for fraudsters to get your pin number by looking over your shoulder so always cover your hands when typing information in at the ATM.

3- Use cash for purchasing most items especially small items which are not worth sharing your card information with others. Using less credit cards and sharing less personal information is one of the main recommendations.

4- Check your account statements carefully when they arrive. Make sure you look over all the transactions and can equate for each one, if you notice something different or don’t recognise the debit don’t be afraid of contacting your bank to follow up.

5- Shred all your documents. It’s all too easy when were out shopping on foot or online to keep receipts and documents information lying loose around the house or in your bins. To a fraudster this is a simple way of getting your personal and secure details without having to risk too much danger on their behalf. Always make sure you shred your bills, receipts and letters before placing them in the bin or going to recycle.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and from all of us here at Ecoshred we wish you a friendly joyous and safe Christmas

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