Thinking of shredding your own confidential waste? Making sure it’s compliant by doing it in house? You probably won’t be surprised to hear that using an in house confidential waste scheme can be significantly more expensive and time consuming than using an external company like Ecoshred (

You must consider
• cost of shredder
• installation
• maintenance
• employee time to undertake shredding
• floor space issues
• health and safety – moving bags and bins, using machinery
Ecoshred can take all the hassle away by providing our confidential waste service that’s tailored around your needs. Whether it’s a one off shred or a regular scheduled service we ensure you stay compliant and free from identity theft and fraud.

Bank statements and business contracts are by no means the only documents that contain confidential information. In every business confidential materials are generated by almost every employee daily; from strategic planning documents to employee medical records.

What is confidential? Don’t worry ecoshred will inform your staff and employee’s to highlight sensitive information that could potentially cause data breaches.

For more information on how we can help you save time and money as well as keep you protected contact ecoshred on 0800 612 9595 or visit

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