Is your waste really confidential?

Do you know that under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a responsibility to ensure that any data containing information on a living person is used correctly and disposed of securely when not needed . Apart from the obvious personal details like statements, invoices, and pay slips, and information such as Name, date of birth or even someone’s address is classed as confidential.

Within the Data Protection Act 1998, every business has a responsibility to its customers, stakeholders and employees to correctly manage and dispose of their confidential waste.

There are many ways that a criminal or competitor can gain information about you or your customers. Utilizing your discarded waste is one of the easiest and most common forms associated with fraud and identity theft. Misplaced documents, information, customers details could not only tarnish your business credentials but may also land you with huge fines and penalties due to non compliance.

The best and only way to protect yourself is to employ a secure and well trusted confidential waste service which takes away the hassle and doesn’t leave you open to the pitfalls of data breaches.

By using ecoshred ( for your secure shredding and recycling solutions we ensure you individual requirements are met as well as keep you safe within the data protection act. We provide a range of services to suit any of our clients, be it small domestic customers to large businesses, we can help with secure shredding and confidential waste disposal in Manchester, Liverpool and across the North West.

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