Four Excuses For Not Shredding Confidential Documents (And Why They’re Not Good Enough)

Document shredding. Not the sexiest of tasks, is it? It’s tedious and time consuming, so the temptation to let your paperwork pile up, store it indefinitely in your warehouse, or even just dump it in a skip without shredding it can be very strong indeed.

But ensuring the safe destruction and disposal of sensitive, confidential data is more important than you might first think – and failure to do so can have very serious consequences. Ecoshred ( offer trusted shredding services across Manchester, Liverpool and the North West, and they’ve identified four commonly-used excuses for not shredding your documents – and why they’re simply unacceptable.

1. “What’s the point? Document shredding isn’t important.”

On the contrary. Shredding confidential documents is essential to protect your company and your customers against fraud and identity theft. What’s more, under the Data Protection Act you’re legally obliged to keep all customer data secure. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines of up to £500,000 – so it’s in your best interests to destroy such information as quickly as possible

2. “We’re busy – we don’t have the time to shred documents.”

Paper shredding isn’t a particularly enjoyable job. If you and your employees are already overworked as you strive to hit seemingly impossible deadlines, it’s perfectly understandable that you’ll prioritise other tasks ahead of shredding paper. If you don’t have time to shred the documents yourself, using a trusted shredding service is essential.

3. “Budgets are tight, so we can’t afford a document shredding service.”

In the current economic climate, we’re all looking to spend as wisely as possible, so you may feel that employing a specialist service to shred confidential documents is a luxury you can’t afford. But think again. Document shredding services use specialist equipment designed to shred in bulk, which can work out significantly cheaper than shredding yourself using standard office shredders. These powerful shredders can also destroy your folders, stapled documents and even CDs. A shredding service won’t just save you time – it’ll also save you money.

4. “If it’s so important that my confidential documents don’t get into the wrong hands, how can I trust a third party with them?”

A good, trusted document shredding service will perform thorough training and checks on their staff, who won’t even see the documents until they’ve been shredded into confetti-sized pieces. Your documents can even be shredded on your premises – so there’s no chance of them being intercepted en route.

If you’re a North West based business who could benefit from a professional waste disposal service, consider Ecoshred. They offer a trusted, professional service that ensures your sensitive data is destroyed safely and securely – and in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. (They’ll even issue with a certificate to show the energy savings you’ve made). Find out more – visit or call freephone 0800 612 9595.

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