Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs Confidential Shredding Services

Paper shredding may not be the sexiest topic, but if you’re a business owner or manager it should be at the top of your priorities. Every business produces confidential documents containing sensitive data, such as customer records, financial information or personnel details. If these got into the wrong hands, the consequences could be severe – and costly. 

Experienced confidential shredding services providers ecoshred ( are trusted experts when it comes to the secure disposal of confidential documents, working across Manchester and throughout the North West. They’ve identified five key reasons why your business should take advantage of professional shredding services… 

1. Protect against fraud

Data breaches are, unfortunately, very common, with 70% of UK businesses suffering from at least one data breach. Failure to properly protect sensitive data can lead not only to negative press coverage – it can also lead to huge fines. That’s before you consider the damage sensitive data could do if it got into the hands of your competitors. With this in mind it’s best to ensure your confidential documents are shredded as safely and securely as possible. 

2. Save time

Non-urgent” jobs like paper shredding often get put off. But the longer it takes to dispose of confidential documents, the more opportunity there is for them to leak or be misused. Using a trusted paper shredding provider, your documents will be destroyed much sooner, without you or your staff having to take time out from the day job. What’s more, dedicated shredding services have more powerful equipment than standard office shredders. It could take you five hours to shred 25kg of paper – ecoshred can handle that in a matter of minutes. 

3. Save money

We’re all watching the pennies at the moment, so you might think a document shredding service is an expense you could do without. But think again. Using a dedicated shredding service can actually save you money. Ecoshred calculate that businesses can save up to 17% by using a shredding service instead of destroying documents in-house. 

4. Help the environment

CSR policies are becoming increasingly important for all businesses, with environmental issues a key priority. For this reason, it’s worth knowing that Ecoshred recycle all waste paper. What’s more, each year they provide regular clients with an Environmental Certificate, showing the trees, oil, landfill and electricity you’ve saved by using Ecoshred. 

5. Schedules that suit you

A good quality document shredding service will be flexible in both when and where they shred your confidential documents. Ecoshred provide their services at times to suit you, whether you require regularly-scheduled waste collections or a one-off on-site visit to shred large volumes.

About Ecoshred

Businesses across Manchester and across the North West benefit from the trusted, confidential shredding service offered by ecoshred.

They’re experienced in destroying and securely disposing of confidential documents and data. All of ecoshred’s personnel are fully certified and thoroughly checked, so you can be confident your sensitive documents are shredded safely and securely, whether on your premises or off-site. 

So don’t let your confidential documents fall into the wrong hands. Find out more about ecoshred’s paper shredding and waste disposal services at or call freephone 0800 612 9595

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