Corporate Identity Fraud – How Confidential Document Shredding Minimises Risks

If you own or are responsible for running a business, corporate identity fraud is a threat you simply can’t afford to ignore. There are many steps you can take to help minimise the risks – including confidential shredding of sensitive data.

Ecoshred ( are experienced in the destruction and disposal of confidential documents, helping businesses in Manchester, Liverpool and across the whole North West keep confidential data out of the wrong hands. They’ve put together this quick guide to avoiding corporate identity theft, highlighting the importance of secure document shredding and waste disposal…

Why should I be concerned about corporate identity fraud?

Fraudsters can take advantage of your compromised data in a variety of ways. They could illegally obtain goods and services in your company’s name, contact and defraud your customers, hijack your company’s bank accounts or otherwise ruin your good name. What’s more, you could be liable for fines of up to £500,000 if you breach the Data Protection Act as a result of not destroying and disposing of sensitive data.

How can paper shredding help prevent identity fraud?

In addition to signing up to Company House’s PROOF scheme and keeping your online security up to date, you must ensure that all hard copies of confidential documents and data are destroyed safely and securely. A cost-effective, timely way of achieving this is by using a confidential document shredding service such as Ecoshred.

Isn’t it cheaper to shred our own documents?

Consider the cost of the shredder, labour, maintenance and power, and you’ll see that a document shredding service could actually save you money. Ecoshred estimate it would cost you 3-5 times more to do your own shredding, and if you need as little as one or two cases of paper shredding a month, you’ll save time and money using a document shredding service.

Where would our documents be shredded?

A trusted shredding service like Ecoshred can perform all necessary paper shredding on your premises. This ensures that your documents don’t get intercepted or lost between leaving you and arriving at a different location. For your piece of mind, all Ecoshred personnel go through background checks, and won’t see your documents at any point during the shredding process.

What can be shredded – and when?

A company like Ecoshred who offer a good service will shred more than just paper. You won’t have to spend your valuable time separating paperclips, staples or rubber bands – their powerful shredders can destroy it all. And if you have CDs containing confidential data, they can even destroy those for you. You choose how often shredding takes place, whether it’s a one-off job or regularly scheduled visit.

So why not see if Ecoshred could help your business in Manchester or Liverpool with its confidential shredding and waste disposal services – and help you fight the battle against identity fraud? Find out more at

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