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Four Excuses For Not Shredding Confidential Documents (And Why They’re Not Good Enough)

Document shredding. Not the sexiest of tasks, is it? It’s tedious and time consuming, so the temptation to let your paperwork pile up, store it indefinitely in your warehouse, or even just dump it in a skip without shredding it … Continue reading

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Hot Date for Data Protection

It’s been just over a year since the European Union’s Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding set out her proposals to reform the bloc’s data-privacy rules. It’s a contentious dossier, which would oblige any company in the world seeking to do business … Continue reading

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Why should you recycle and dispose of your waste securely?

Recycling is on the up!  43% of Household waste was recycled (including composting and reuse) in 2012, which was a considerable increase on previous years. In 2011, 8 million tonnes of waste paper was collected for recycling in the UK, … Continue reading

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6 tips for selecting your secure document destruction provider

Ecoshred ( provide secure and confidential waste disposal services throughout the Manchester area and across North West England. Here we discuss out top tips for selecting a document destruction provider. 1. Security: It all starts here. What certifications do they … Continue reading

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A Harsh Lesson on the Importance of Confidential Shredding

You may have seen in the news that, following a leak of customer data, Sony received a £250,000 fine due to breaching data protection law. This story highlights the importance of keeping your confidential data safe and secure, proving just … Continue reading

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Ecoshred gets accreditation from The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

Here at ecoshred ( we are happy to announce that we have been officially re-accredited by UKAS for both our ISO 9001 management systems and 14001 environmental systems. Being accredited for ISO 9001 means that all of our team understands … Continue reading

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The Four W’s of Confidential Document Shredding in Manchester

Every business produces confidential documents that must be kept out of the wrong hands, whether it’s customer data, employee details or commercially sensitive information. Security is paramount – which is why a confidential shredding service is essential. Ecoshred ( provide … Continue reading

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Corporate Identity Fraud – How Confidential Document Shredding Minimises Risks

If you own or are responsible for running a business, corporate identity fraud is a threat you simply can’t afford to ignore. There are many steps you can take to help minimise the risks – including confidential shredding of sensitive … Continue reading

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Shopping tips that will keep you safe during this festive season.

  It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves shopping for the festive season. The risk of identity theft increases up to £300% during the holiday season so it’s imperative that you take steps towards protecting yourself and … Continue reading

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How is Paper Recycled? – By the Paper Shredding Experts Ecoshred UK

Ever wondered how paper is recycled – at ecoshred  we understand the science and the practicalities of paper shredding. Trees are made up of cellulose fibers that are held together with a glue-like substance called lignin. This makes trees strong enough to … Continue reading

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