8 Reasons to Choose Ecoshred for Confidential Shredding in St Helens, Widnes & Runcorn

8 Reasons to Choose Ecoshred for Confidential Shredding in St Helens, Widnes & Runcorn

Data protection law, fraud prevention, ensuring private information is kept private – all compelling reasons for shredding confidential documents. Document shredding can be a time-consuming and surprisingly costly process – but it doesn’t have to be.

As suppliers of shredding services across St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn and beyond, Ecoshred (www.ecoshreduk.com) are experienced in saving businesses time and money, ensuring confidential documents and sensitive data are kept out of the wrong hands. Here are eight reasons to choose Ecoshred over carrying out your own paper shredding…

1. A local service for local businesses

Ecoshred are based in Warrington – which means they’re perfectly placed to serve businesses based in St Helens, Widnes and Runcorn.

2. Trustworthy professionals

Your confidential documents are safe with Ecoshred. All employees are certified and background-checked thoroughly, and carry ID to prove they’re bona fide Ecoshred staff. And at no time do Ecoshred employees see your confidential documents – they’re fed directly into the shredding equipment.

3. Ecoshred carry out shredding on your premises

There’s no need to worry about your confidential documents going missing our intercepted after leaving you. Ecoshred will travel to your premises in St Helens, Widnes or Runcorn and shred your documents there and then.

4. Sacks and bins supplied for your convenience

It’s easy to prepare your paper ready for shredding. You’ll be supplied with lockable bins or sacks and ties to put your confidential documents into, ready to be shredded. These will be fed straight into the shredders – so no-one will see your sensitive data.

5. Easy to sort your shredding

There’s no need to take your confidential documents out of binders or files – the powerful industrial shredders can destroy them. And there’s also no need to remove staples, paperclips, elastic bands or file tabs – all can go straight into their shredders.

6. More than just paper shredding…

If you have confidential documents or data stored electronically on CD or DVD, these can be destroyed and disposed of too.

7. Eco-friendly – with proof!

The recycling and waste disposal carried out by Ecoshred is all done with the environment in mind. Take a regular shredding service contract with Ecoshred and you’ll receive an annual Environmental Certificate showing the trees, landfill, oil and electricity you’ve saved.

8. Saves time, saves money

Not only does shredding your confidential documents with Ecoshred save your precious time – it can also save you money, with savings of up to 17% compared to shredding documents yourself. Use a shredding service and you don’t need to buy your own shredding equipment – plus your employees are freed to concentrate on other things.

Ready to learn more about Ecoshred’s trusted confidential shredding services across St Helens, Runcorn and Widnes, and how they can help you? Visit www.ecoshreduk.com for full details.

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