5 Ways Using a Confidential Shredding Service Saves Money

5 Ways Using a Confidential Shredding Service Saves Money

Shredding confidential documents is something that every business must do, even though it’s a tedious, time consuming task.

One way to cut down the time spent paper shredding is to use a confidential shredding and waste disposal service. Not only will you save time, you could even save money, as shredding your own documents can be 3-5 times more expensive than using a shredding service.

Ecoshred (www.ecoshreduk.com) provide confidential shredding services to businesses throughout St Helens, Widnes and Runcorn and across North West England. Here’s why using Ecoshred makes financial sense…

1. No shredding equipment to buy

Use a shredding service and you don’t need to buy your own shredding equipment, or replace your current shredder when it breaks. Not only does this save money – it will also save valuable office space.

2. Use less electricity

Shredding your own documents uses power – and if you have a lot of paper shredding to do, that’s a lot of power to use. Save on electricity costs (and help save the environment) by using a confidential shredding service such as Ecoshred.

3. Save on waste disposal costs

Once you’ve shredded your documents, you’ll have to pay for their disposal. With Ecoshred, safe waste disposal is included in the price. All of your shredded paper will be recycled – another way using a shredding service is environmentally sound.

4. Time is money… so save time and you’ll save money!

If you choose to shred you own documents, you’ll be paying an employee to shred paper for hours on end. If they put this time to more productive uses, they’ll work more efficiently – which will ultimately save money.

5. Avoid hefty fines for breaching data protection law

One of the reasons it’s important to shred confidential documents to prevent fraud, especially if you have documents containing personal details of customers, clients and employees. Breach the Data Protection Act by not taking proper care to keep such information safe and you could be liable for a fine of up to £500,000. Don’t take that chance – use a confidential shredding service to destroy such documents.

If you’re based in St Helens, Widnes or Runcorn, why not have Ecoshred destroy and dispose of your confidential documents for you? Their trusted representatives will collect from your premises, and they’ll even supply you with sacks or bins to collect your paper ready for shredding. No preparation is needed, no-one will see your confidential data, and they’ll shred on-site to avoid interception.

Start saving money with Ecoshred’s confidential shredding services today – visit www.ecoshreduk.com to find out more.

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